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THE News of the World has smashed an evil gang working inside MOSQUES to
sell fake passports to potential terrorists.

The cocky crooks were convinced they were untouchable, knowing police
raids could inflame racial tension.

But after our three-month undercover investigation the gangsters haven’t
a prayer. Acting on our damning evidence, cops this week shut the scam down.

Earlier we watched a Bangladeshi Mr Big’s team of fixers tout for
business, offering genuine Bulgarian passports doctored with fake IDs
for £2,500 a time among devout worshippers the East London Mosque in Whitechapel. (does Rowen Williams know about this?)

Across the city at the Central Mosque in Regent’s Park another crew of
henchman was peddling the same service.

When we met the gang boss face to face, posing as zealots on the run
from the police, he was unfazed and bragged he had helped more than 50
illegals into the UK, adding:

“These are genuine documents. Nobody can challenge you. Just give me
your photographs and choose a name, in four weeks you’ll have a new

“Because Bulgaria’s in the European community you have full rights in
this country. You can live here legally, take advantage of the free NHS,
everything. And no one can stop you travelling.”

We launched our covert operation when a whistleblower from the East
London mosque
contacted us. Mr Big had tried to recruit the man to his
dodgy sales team.

Beneath the mosque’s landmark gold dome and minarets our bearded source
told us quietly: “The boss offered me £100 commission for every customer.

 continue reading this amazing story at……..http://www.newsofth eworld.co. uk/news/article1 6763.ece


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