What would we do without the Danes?


Thank God for the Danes, they will go where others in the western world fear to tread, it is to our unending shame that publishers in the UK or America would not publish this book, they are all scared stiff of Muslims and Islam, such is the fear of reprisal against them they willingly submit at the slightest hint of reprisal or fear of upsetting the universal censors of free speech, they should be utterly ashamed

A Danish publisher is in negotiations to buy Sherry Jones’s novel about the child bride of Muhammad, which was dropped by Random House in America and pulled from bookshops in Serbia.

The Jewel of Medina tells the story of Aisha, one of Muhammad’s wives, from the age of six to 18 when Muhammad dies. It was bought by Random House US for a reported advance of $100,000, but then dropped after the publisher was told by academics and security experts that publication was potentially more risky than Salman Rushdie‘s The Satanic Verses and the Danish publication of cartoons of Muhammad.

The article goes on to say:


She added: “I think that whether you are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or atheist you have to be able to bear insults. You can’t say ‘I’m a Muslim, and that means I should be above criticism’. You can freely insult Jesus Christ, you can mock other religions.”

Sadly on this point I think she is wrong when criticizing Muslims, Islam or Sharia law because the wonderful UN has rolled over to Islam yet again

There are 57 Muslim nations represented in the UN, all of these nations vote as a bloc, they vote in such a manner as to ensure that the Islamic countries are not affected by any so called UN resolution.

The UN is clearly split and in reality is totally subservient to the Islamic bloc.

Some time ago it was mooted that the freedom to criticize sharia law within the UN would be withdrawn, this has now happened, Islam cannot be criticized at all in the UN.

All other religions are fair game for any critic as they are seen as “imperfect” by Islam.

This move by the UN sends out a huge signal to the Muslim world that Islam is set above all other religions, Sharia law cannot be separated from Islam, it is the core of Islam, for this to be recognized as such by a global authority is a huge mistake

This will have huge ramifications globally and on a national level, Muslim representatives in other nation states will be able to refer to the UN ruling if they feel that sharia law has been insulted or brought into disrepute, and thus put pressure on national governments to act against any critics of Islam.

The UN has to go, it is a useless organization that has not solved one single World issue since its inception, if anything it has made situations worse and has been complicit in war crimes (Kosovo).

Any actions taken by Muslims will no doubt be framed within Sharia law thus they cannot be criticized, they have been given a carte blanche to do or say anything as long as it is underwritten by Sharia law.



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