Sometimes making peace just makes things worse, as can be seen in the Philippines.

President Arroyo has been under a lot of pressure by Muslim countries and the United States to make peace with the remaining Moro (Muslim ethnic) group in Mindanao. The MNLF made peace years ago, but the MILF only had a tentative agreement of cease fire.

Periodically there would be outbreaks of violence, and the more militant AbySayyag group (who has close ties with some MILF groups) would bomb Christian areas or kidpap a high profile person to get money. But actually, everyone thought things were settling down.

There are several reasons that people were optimistic.

Thanks to the US War on terror, a lot of funny money pretending to be charity money was identified, and the money men funding the MILF lost the ability to send money by bank transfers.

Then there has been the increased ability of the Philippine military to hunt the troublemakers. If rumors are correct, American and Aussie Special Forces have been helping the Philippine military with specialized training and equipment.


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