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August 27, 2008Saudi Current Events and Commentary 

Director’s Comment: The Saudi government, its rigid religious establishment and its apologists, including some Saudi women, fault tradition and religion for denying the overwhelming majority of Saudi women full citizenship at home and prevent them from competing in domestic, regional and global activities such as the Olympics. Yes, religions, traditions and chauvinism play roles in discrimination against women every where, but in many countries all citizens are protected by codified rules, non-sectarian judicial systems and the rule of law that protect them from each other and from excessive governmental abuses. The two main reasons behind discrimination against women in Saudi Arabia are men’s obsession with women’s sexuality and the exoneration of the government’s full obligations toward all citizens, such as full employment, health care system, equal opportunities, social cohesiveness, and political and civil rights. Saudi women are as capable, intelligent, determined and as aspiring as their counter parts every where. All they need is freedom to explore and to use their potential to build a stronger, forward looking and stable society that is no longer beleaguered by destabilizing religious, gender and socioeconomic divides. Read More


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