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Salam Alakum. What I understand from your lectures is that you believe the

method to re-establish Khilafah is through Jihad. Can you respond to this?

“Another view that is being addressed to the Ummah is the concept of fighting

the rulers and that through military struggle Islam will return to the world

stage. Again this is based upon a particular Hadith. It has been narrated from

many sources including Imam Muslim that the Prophet (saw) said, .Do not

challenge the people of authority unless you see explicit Kufr of which you have

clear proof from Allah(from Islam).. Ibn Kathir in his Tafseer states that if

the Khaleefah reverts to the rule of disbelief, he would be fought until he

returned to the implementation of Islam and the Shari’ah.

Ibn Hajr in his Fateh al-Bari also states that if he becomes a Kafir, or

changes the Shari.ah he should be fought and removed. This view is also

mentioned in Nayl al-Awtar and supported by Imam Shawkani. That is, if the ruler

rules by other than the Shari’ah he is fought until he either repents or is

removed. However that is the only situation that it applies to i.e. the ruling

of a Khaleefah who resorts to the Kufr ruling and disobedience to Allah. It does

not relate to the Khaleefah becoming tyrannical and also does not relate to his

personality becoming corrupt. In which case obedience to him is binding and the

Muslims should still pray behind him and fight Jihad behind him.

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