The ‘WoT’ through the eyes of Hollywood


Hollyweird cop-out?

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Jeffrey Nachmanoff, the writer-director of “Traitor” is tired of Hollywood’s evasiveness when it comes to international terrorism. “If you’re trying to make an ambitious movie that’s for adults to talk about and start a discussion, [and] no one gets upset about it, then you haven’t really dealt with the subject at all,” he says.

Employing that calculus, very few directors have really dealt with the war on terror.


There has been no shortage in recent years of projects ready to condemn the American presence in the Middle East – and the American military in general: “Syriana,” “Redacted,” “Stop Loss” and more all have hit screens. (That’s not even counting the never-ending stream of anti-Iraq War documentaries.)

However, just a few have faced up to the heart of the problem: radical Islam. (just Islam. Not ‘radical, fundamentalist, militant or whatever: just Islam…)

Fox’s “24,” arguably the most visible project to do so, went so far last season as to show a cell of Muslim terrorists detonating a nuclear bomb outside of Los Angeles. “The Kingdom,” “United 93″ and “Vantage Point” are among the handful of major offerings before “Traitor” to feature present-day Islamic radicals as antagonists.

The movie industry has gone out of its way to avoid portraying Muslims as terrorists; consider “The Sum of All Fears,” Ben Affleck’s first (and probably only) turn as CIA superagent Jack Ryan. In the original Tom Clancy novel, Baltimore is destroyed in a nuclear blast by a Muslim terrorist network.


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