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Posted by Sitemaster on September 1, 2008











An event organised by “Stop Islamisation Of Europe” (SIOE)


To commemorate the 9/11 2001 victims of the Islamist attacks on the USA and Western democracy


To protest about the Sharia-by-stealth being imposed across Europe


The undermining of English Common Law and national sovereign laws in European countries, together with their associated democracies, is proceeding at a reckless pace.


Senior establishment figures such as the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lord Chief Justice have intimated that Sharia law might have a place within English law and British law as a whole.


SIOE opposes Sharia law at any level existing in English law and any national sovereign law in Europe.


SIOE organiser Stephen Gash said, “Rational people all over Europe believe in democracy, not theocracy.  In a working democracy legislation may be enacted and repealed according to circumstances prevailing at the time.  Muslims believe that Sharia law is the unassailable word of their deity Allah and is unchangeable.  The vast majority of Europeans consider the stoning to death of a woman for being raped and beheading a person for leaving Islam to be barbaric punishments.  Those punishments represent the thick end of the wedge.  The thin end of the wedge is, for example, uniquely allowing Muslim men multiple welfare benefits for multiple wives as happens in the United Kingdom and other European countries.”


Anders Gravers, SIOE organiser, said, “The Danish constitution is very dear to Danish hearts and we celebrate Constitution Day every year.  Every Friday in mosques in Denmark Koranic verses are preached which are unconstitutional.  This contradicts Danish law and SIOE Denmark is seeking to have those verses removed from the Koran.  We believe that Islam and democracy are incompatible and most Muslim clerics agree with us.”


Non-Muslims are treated as third class citizens in Islamic countries such as, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria and Indonesia.  These countries are, supposedly, democracies.  Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Muslims in those countries voted for non-Muslims to have an inferior status.  This is because Islam declares non-Muslims are inferior to Muslims.



Itinerary and schedule


Assemble outside of Lambeth Palace main entrance as directed by the police and SIOE stewards.


Lambeth Palace

Lambeth Palace Road

London, SE1 7EH



Start 18.00

End   20.00


Lambeth Palace was chosen because of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s unwise comments on Sharia Law.


The demonstration/rally is a static one at which speakers will address protestors.


The event will end with a commemoration of the 9/11 victims of the 2001 attack on Western civilisation.


A minute’s silence to this effect will end the event after which the gathering will disperse.




Those wishing to speak may contact the organisers with the content of their speech for approval.


Placards and banners


No Sharia here!

Democracy not theocracy!

National and regional flags

Other on-topic banners etc may be permitted on request


Banned items


Advertising/promotion of political parties (this is standard for all SIOE events)

Nazi, communist, fascist and Islamist symbols, banners etc.

Any racist slogans

Anything off-topic.







Stephen Gash

SIOE England 

Anders Gravers

SIOE Denmark


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