In an interview on the same BBC2 programme, Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi,
chairman of the Al-Qathafi Foundation for Human Rights accused relatives
of the Lockerbie victims of being “very greedy” during negotiations over
payouts for the deaths of their loved ones. He said that the Lockerbie
families had traded with “the blood of their sons and daughters” during

Saif went on to say that the Libyan government had only taken
responsibility for Britain’s worst terrorist attack in order to get
international sanctions lifted.

“You have to ask the families of the victims,” he said. “The negotiation
with them, it was very terrible and very materialistic and was very
greedy. They were asking for more money and more money and more money.”

He continued: “I think they were very greedy and I think they were
trading with the blood of their sons and daughters.”

He admitted to the program’s producer Guy Smith that the Libyan
government had merely accepted responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing
in order to get international sanctions lifted.

“Yes, we wrote a letter to the Security Council saying we are
responsible for the acts of our employees… but it doesn’t mean that we
did it in fact.

In the meantime, Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora was one of the 270
people killed in the Pan Am explosion, said the compensation received by
relatives could never make up for the loss of loved ones.

Implying that the truth about the Lockorbie case was lost because of its
politicization, Swire added that he just wished that the needs of the
relatives, namely a thirst for the truth and for justice would be
attended to, rather than an alleged hunger for money.

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