To New readers of this blog, please read the “About” catagory to understand why we scour the world’s newspapers, chat rooms, and blogs to find article and info relevant to creeping Shariah via the banking system. This is what is known as the “quiet jihad”. It is a way to buy up what you cannot blow up. This is a way of instilling Shariah law into our daily lives, slowly, and before you know it, your kids are praying daily in preschool, as part of “multiculturalism”. I received a note today from a man in Philadelphia where this is happeing at his childs secular pre school, in addtion the requirements to supply Halal food for his non Musim child, so as not to offend the Muslim child. This is not ok. Jewish children have never requested that a secular school remove pork or non kosher food from the cafeteria, they just brought their own food and did not impose religion on the masses to accommodate the few. This is how shariah and Da’wah work. This is part of what happens when a building is sold to Dubai, and a business that is not part of shariah wants to rent a space, will they impose restrictions? Please check in daily, and send any articles or situations you see in your hometown that are of concern. We will look and see if any of them cross the church vs. state issue as well.

Comments by Allyson Rowen Taylor

Islam’s Advance: Huge surprise here. Saudi textbooks teach hate!


Islam and Democracy

It is election season in America and time to look at one the of the dhimmis‘ favorite myths-the democratization of Islam. Great blood and treasure have been spent in Iraq to bring democracy to Islam.

But it makes no difference how much blood and treasure are spent; Islam is no more compatible with democracy than pigs are with flight. Islam has an entire doctrine of politics and government that was laid out by Mohammed. And just like pigs were not made for flight, Islamic political doctrine was not made for democracy.

The reason for this is the perfect example of Mohammed. Mohammed achieved success only when he became a politician and warrior. We may have politicians who invoke religion as part of their political persona, but we do not have any politicians who actually speak for god. Mohammed spoke for god. All Muslims did what they were told. Mohammed did not operate any kind of primal democracy; Mohammed and Allah ruled absolutely down to the smallest detail.

It is at this stage of the argument that Muslims like to invoke the idea of Mohammed’s consulting with his Companions as a model for democracy. At the battle of Badr, one of the men asked Mohammed if his battle orders were from Allah? Mohammed said that it was his own opinion, not Allah’s. The man pointed out that if the troops were placed in front of the well, it would be to Islam’s advantage and Mohammed followed his advice.

The argument is that Mohammed listened to the voters. Hence, Islam is democratic. But when you read the entire Sira (the biography of Mohammed) and the Hadith, such “votes” by the Companions are extremely rare.

Here is an example of how non-democratic Islam is.

Abu Muslim Book 020, Number 4573:
[…] Shouldn’t we overthrow them [the worst of rulers] with the help of the sword? Mohammed said, “No, as long as they establish prayer among you. If you then find anything detestable in them you should hate their administration, but do not withdraw yourselves from their obedience.”

In short, as long as a leader is a Muslim, obey him, even if he is a tyrant. Does that sound like a democratic view? What if the tyrant is Sadam Hussein? Obey him.

But this is not the real reason that Islam cannot ever have democracy. The real reason is found in the word-kafir, a political word. The Muslim is superior to the kafir in politics and culture and the kafir must submit to the will of Islam in public affairs. Democracy is based upon the idea of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule leads to equality in law and politics. But a Muslim and a kafir are not equal in political Islam. Votes are equal. We have a contradiction and democracy submits to Islam and tyranny.

Democracy is a kafir form of politics and is anti-Islamic.

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