Bulletproof clothing a fashion hit in Mexico

This is the “Armani” of bullet proof clothes



Bulletproof clothing is gaining popularity in Mexico are citizens are forced to protect themselves in the ongoing war between the drug cartels and the federal government. 

From AFP (via Goggle News):


Mexican sales increased from 25-30 percent in the past year and a half, with most clients from companies and government departments looking for traditional bulletproof vests.

But the shop display competes with any smart boutique in the neighborhood — the clothes are just a little heavier. They range from women’s waistcoasts with fur-lined hoods, to traditional Mexican shirts and Italian leather jackets with special panels to regulate body temperature.

They cost from 400 to 7,000 dollars, with three levels of protection, up to the force of an MP5 sub-machine gun.

Di Carlo said that they only sell to honest citizens, not to drug dealers, and vet clients against a US terrorist watch list.

The bulletproof clothing is just one part of the increased security taken by VIPs.  They are also signing up for satellite services to assist them if they or their loved ones gets kidnapped.


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