Sharia law at Muslim college in Nuneaton

The head of a Muslim college in Warwickshire which houses the UK’s first official sharia law court has spoke of the advantages of using the ancient system.

Faisal Aqtab Siddiqi said despite misconceptions, the system would work with British law to solve disputes and could “enrich” the current legal system. Mr Siddiqi is head of the Hijaz College Islamic University in Nuneaton- home of the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (MAT).

The tribunal, formed last year, offers ways for the Muslim community to resolve disputes in accordance with the sacred laws.

Mr Siddiqi said it was not the same as unofficial sharia courts reported to be operation across the country. (Oh, how do they differ???? Please explain)

He said the system, part of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) introduced in reforms of the civil justice system, dealt with commercial, civil, and matrimonial matters and some instances of domestic violence and neighbourly disputes.

He said common misconceptions of brutal punishments were not used and they also helped victims of forced marriages. (What common misconceptions, we have proof of these “misconceptions” and to me, death by honor is death. Plain and simple)

He said: “It’s exactly this kind of input from sharia law that we can expect to enrich our society through the Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism. (Enrich how? Behadings? Honor Murders? Killing the infidels?)

“We are trying to supplement English law by helping the British citizen not to be forced into or coerced into marriage.”  (Do we belive this??)



First UK Sharia court up and running in Warwickshire

A MUSLIM college in Warwickshire is running the UK’s first official sharia law court. Read


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