The date of September 11 was pivitol in my life, as it was in many others. I rarely get personal on this blog, as it is a path for infomation regarding the spread of Islam via finance and charity. However, why I do this blog is directly related to the events of September 11, 2001.

I had a different life before that tragic day. I was getting my children up for school, and turned on the TV to hear about the weather, and listen to chat as I went about my daily routine. That would be the last day in my life my routine was “routine”.

Everything changed. Nothing looked the same, nothing felt the same, nothing tasted the same. My family and I huddled together and stayed home, wondering it this was the end, or the beginning? It turned out to be both. It was the end of innocense, and the beginning of war unlike one we had ever seen in our lifetime.

So today, I will blog later, as I am taking time to reflect, to gather with others who lost loved ones, and pray for peace and a world without jihad, hate, and the other horiffic acts that man does against man. We have a long battle, and prayer is only one facet of the parts of stopping the hate. This blog is an educational tool to show the spread of the quiet Jihad via the banking and finance systems. It shows that you can buy up what you cannot or will not blow up.

¬†Rarely do I put commentary into the articles, as they speak for themselves, however, I will interject comments when I feel the need, or the frustration of the tremendous speed in which we see this trend of banking growing. It is not a neutral path to financial freedom, or avoiding paying interest. No bank, no way would lend money and not make money. Also, in our politically correct world, the banks are failing you as a consumer in disclosing what Shariah law is, who the scholars are that monitor their funds, and where they come from and who they are associated with. It is like investing into a dark hole, with reprecussions that are unknown to the uneducated investor. Today is a day to check out your portfolio, see where your money is going, see if you are inadvertantly funding states of terror or countries that are enemies of democracy, and decide that you want to invest “terror free”. Do this in memory of the ones we lost in 9/11 and do it for your children, your grandchilden, and the children of the world who deserve to live in a better, safer place.

I will be back online later today.

Allyson Rowen Taylor



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