The Role of the Mosque in Society

By Richard Braun and John Marion
Summer 2007

As the influence of Islam grows in Europe and America, the role of the mosque in society should be understood by all non-Muslims. Richard Braun and John Marion summarize the importance of the mosque and its central role in the growth and promotion of Islam.

Much of the information presented in this article is taken from the book,The Mosque Exposed by S. Solomon and E. Alamaqdisi, on which Richard collaborated.

Most Americans assume the mosque is simply a place where Muslims go to worship, almost like a “Muslim church,” but this is not really the full story. You see, Islam is predominately a works-based system and unlike Christianity, which is a faith-based system.  And how does the average Muslim know how he or she should act?  Allah has given them the perfect example in Mohammed. Muslims should imitate him.



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