Irans crimes against Humanity-Where are the Peace groups and the World Council of Churches regarding the hanging of gays, dissidents, and women for crimes that are untried, and without due process? The groups that are participating in this “interfaith” dialogue are doing involved in dealing with an enemy of the free world, who should not be allowed to enter the USA.

comments by Allyson Rowen Taylor

WELCOMING AHMADINEJAD: Iran’s president, spokesmen for the ruling mullahs carrying on the global revolutionary doctrines of Ayatollah Khomeini, is again coming to America to address the United Nations General Assembly, a body that will give him an enthusiastic ovation. Gary Bauer, a member of FDD’s Board of Advisors, writes:

Ahmadinejad has repeatedly denied the Holocaust. He has called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.” He has called Israel, our most reliable ally in the Middle East, a “stinking corpse.” His regime is the world’s leading sponsor of Islamic terrorism, backing Hezbollah in its war against Israel and radical Shiite groups that are murdering civilians and American soldiers in Iraq. He is also aggressively pursuing nuclear technology in defiance of U.N. inspectors.

Unbelievably, some groups, such as the Quakers and the World Council of Churches, have invited Ahmadinejad to a dinner to break the Ramadan fast. They have promoted this dinner as an opportunity to discuss “the role of religions in tackling global challenges and building peaceful societies.” Right – and Neville Chamberlain just popped over to Munich for a cup of tea and a bratwurst with Herr Hitler to talk about peace.

This is a man who regularly tells his Islamofascist followers to imagine a world where Israel and the United States no longer exist, and that such a day is coming soon. On his last trip here, he spoke at Columbia University and told the audience that homosexuals don’t exist in his country. That is because Iran executes them! What are these Christians, who want to talk about peace, thinking? It may not be a “Christian” thing to say, but I can only assume that they are not thinking. If Americans should be united on anything, it ought to be on the need to expose Ahmadinejad as the evil thug he really is.

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