This is a cartoon typical of the period prior to WWII blaming the Jews for the poverty of others, while they are fat and greedy.  This is the same tactics CAIR is using by their claims of Jewish plots and theyare guilty of promoting anti semitic stereotypes. SHAME ON CAIR! They should lose their tax free status and should be investigated for their right to operate as non profit.


This attitude is typical of CAIR and the mindset of conspriracy that belies their leadership. The distribution of the film was not a Zionist plot, nor a plot by the McCain Campaign. This is about teaching what Shariah is to a public who is unaware of the dangers of Shariah and the laws that follow the teachings of Allah. This film is a wake up call to the masses to understand what our greatest enemy is, and that is the threat of the political system of Islam, to our system of democracy. If you want to read more about this, read Christopher Hitchens book on Thomas Jefferson. Our founding fathers were very well versed in the issues of theocracy and the dangers to democracy. This is not Islam bashing, it is the reality of this type of religious goverment taking over the goverment that we see is fragile to the dangers of Shariah Law.

Shariah Compliant Finance is one way to intill Sharia Laws into our free world. This is why this blog is trying to show articles about the way this is creeping into our free world. Many of the articles do not need commentary, as they speak for themselves once you understand why this blog is so important, and why we spend hours reading and searching the internet to see who has sold out for money without understanding the long term dangers that follow that sale. Many hedge fund managers do not take the time, nor care, as we have seen in the subprime fallout , about the “little people”. However the same thing will happen to the USA and other countries that sell major corporations to the purveyors of Shariah. The big issues, is like what CAIR is trying to sell, which is no different that the propaganda of the  30’s-blame the Jews. This is what was never learned from “never again”.  The use of Jews as the scapegoats for the issues we face today, is a smokescreen of the dangers of Shariah. It is not the 15 million Jews that live worldwide, it is the ten percent of the 1.2 billion Muslims who believe that the Caliphate must return, anyway possible. Shariah Compliant Finance is just ONE tool of this plan to bring back this theocracy. We must look at this issue as a form of government, and not religion. Theocracratic goverments and communism are both to be feared, and this is not in indictment against the Muslim who wants to practice Islam and be a part of the free world, it is against states like Iran who want to destroy the west. It is against Al Queda, and radical Jihad, and it is all part of the quiet Jihad of finance.

comments by Allyson Rowen Taylor

September 23, 2008

CAIR files FEC complaint: Obsession distribution a Zionist plot

Despite the fact that the film Obsession contains no political content and
was made well before the 2008 election cycle began, CAIR, those paragons of
Islamic moderation
<http://www.nysun. com/national/ islamic-groups- named-in- hamas-funding- case/55
778/> and honesty <http://jihadwatch. org/archives/ 017601.php> , would now
have you believe that the national distribution of the DVD was an Israeli
plot to elect John McCain.

This is a very revealing action for CAIR to take. It reveals in particular
two key aspects of CAIR’s mindset:
1. It shows that CAIR is fully aware that the jihad against Israel is an
integral part of the global jihad, and is not just a struggle to recover
Palestinian “stolen land.” Thus a film that reveals the nature and goals of
that global jihad — Obsession — benefits Israel.
2. It also shows that CAIR believes that John McCain will fight against the
global jihad in a way that Barack Obama will not — and that it believes
therefore the distribution of an anti-jihad film, which in a sane world
would be welcomed by both the Left and the Right since the global jihad
wishes to destroy and remake the West utterly, must be some partisan plot.
continue reading at              http://www.jihadwat ch.org/archives/ 022817.php

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