Below is the text of Ahmadinejad’s speech before the UN today in which he speaks of riding the world of the ” Zionist murderers.” “In Palestine, 60 years of carnage and invasion is still ongoing at the hands of some criminal and occupying Zionists. They have forged a regime through collecting people from various parts of the world and bringing them to other people’s land by displacing, detaining and killing the true owners of that land. With advance notice, they invade assassinate, and maintain food and medicine blockades, while some hegemonic and bullying powers support them. The security Council cannot do anything and sometimes, under pressure from a few bullying powers, even paves the way for supporting these Zionist murderers.”
He makes reference to the “occupiers” who are still in Iraq. “Millions of people have been killed or displaced, and the occupiers, without a sense of shame, are still seeking to solidify their position in the political geography of the region and to dominate oil resources.”
Larry King would probably have hosted Hitler had he hosted shows in the 30s.
TONIGHT: Ahmadinejad Exclusive
TONIGHT: Ahmadinejad Exclusive

Tonight, a “Larry King Live” exclusive! His interview with Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Get his take on America’s political candidates in a revealing hour!

Tonight, 9pm ET

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