ShariahFinanceWatch.og Labels DGC Magazine ‘Islamic Propaganda’

feature photoRubbish!

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Islamic Finance

On September 12th, in the DGC Magazine blog I posted an excellent article relating to Islamic Finance. One of the central themes of the text is The money creation function should be returned to the system that worked so well in the era of commodity money.”

In my Digital Gold Currency world, we appreciate quality information and discussion on topics such as privacy, fiat money, sound money, ‘gold and silver as everyday money’ and the outrageous interest ‘bankers’ charge which has enslaved American society.

Today the US Congress, White House and the US Treasury Dept are all in a huddle rushing to to create a Bill that will BAIL OUT the toxic American financial system created by debt products!  This is a $700 billion dollar Bill and most agree it’s a big band aid and will not solve the real problems. Big debt causes big problems and creates an artificial world where consumers become financial slaves.

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