Hostility on the streets of Yemen

Following the recent bomb attack on the US embassy in Yemen which killed at least 16 people, Ginny Hill, who is working as a BBC correspondent in the country, reports on the increasing difficulties for Westerners visiting and living in the country.

Yemeni men travelling by truck

Pick-up trucks are a common form of communal transport in Yemen

The day I was stoned in public happened to be my birthday.

I was walking along a quiet side street, close to the parliament building in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa.

I was alone, but I did not think twice when a battered old pick-up truck drove towards me.

It was just like hundreds of other pick-up trucks that I saw every day in Yemen. There were two tribesmen in the driver’s cabin and a handful of young men standing in the flat-bed, holding onto the side rails to keep upright.

They wore long white robes, curved daggers on belts around their waists and red and white head-dresses


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