Bakri paid cash for girl’s boob job

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HATE preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed paid for a boob job which launched his daughter’s pole dancing career, it was revealed last night.


He forked out £4,000 in CASH for 27-year-old Yasmin Fostock’s bust-boosting surgery — while living on BENEFITS in the UK.





The revelation will spark further public outrage against the fanatical Muslim cleric — now in Lebanon after being kicked out of Britain.


Bakri, 50, who rants about Western “depravity” and blasts women who flaunt their sexuality, secretly paid for Yasmin to increase her A cup size to a DD.


Sources close to the blonde beauty said the op set her on the path to the raunchy career which shamed her strict Muslim family.


'DDepravity' ... Bakri ranted about women but paid for boob job

‘DDepravity’ … Bakri ranted about women but paid for bust


Last night a pal of single mum Yasmin, of Catford, South East London — said: “Her dad’s ashamed of her behaviour but she’d have never have become a pole dancer if he hadn’t paid for her bigger boobs.


“She was always self-conscious about her size and managed to convince him she should have it done.


“She played the daddy’s girl and said it would make her feel more of a mother when she was breast feeding her children.

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