The Rally in the Alley:  Protesting Achmadinejad on 42nd St.


Our rally in protest of Achmadinejad was successful–we ran three hours, featured a kick-ass sound and lighting system (we used a rock band’s top-notch group of engineers), and our ‘miracle’ was–the rain everyone had been predicting, and which would have ruined the gathering, held off for three hours. The minute we were finished, it proceeded to drizzle, then pour down.


Wow–four days of no sleep–but we pulled it off, with many speakers of note, and hellfire-and-brimstone talks from the podium. We had people from the Sudan, women oppressed from Iran, speakers from South America, senators, radio and TV personalities, Israeli bigs, and a goodly sampling of impassioned priests, reverends, ambassadors and amazing, fierce, committed local activists. Political representatives from both major parties, think-tank celebs and authors from Washington, DC, and Canada as well as the NYC area made their way to 42nd Street and Park, in the thick of the evening rush in one of the world’s busiest crossroads, to express their outrage at the presence in the world’s largest democracy of a malefactor whose name is a byword for terrorism support, weaponry and funding today in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan and insurgency against Israel. Public advocates against the infiltration and pernicious effects of shariah, ably and energetically introduced by Jeff Weisenfeld, detailed the dangers to our banking, fiduciary and publishing industries.

 Speakers included popular talk-show host Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels, head of the Catholic League Bill Donahue, Gov. Palin admin Edward Cox, a freed former Sudanese Christian slave, Center for Security Policy director Frank Gaffney, WABC religion moderator Rabbi Jacob Potasnik, Greg Wright of the Log Cabin Republicans, AMCHA founder and leader Rabbi Avi Weiss, the Reverend Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council, Hope Winters of, and many others.

Crowd signs commemorated the tragic losses of 9/11; the ongoing war in Iraq, honoring our soldiers; noted the misdeeds and reprobate associations of the Democratic presidential candidate; showed massive support for our Israeli brethren undergoing daily barrages of rocket attacks from Arabs fractious with the formerly Israeli Gazan territory; the sorry state of the Democrat-controlled Congress; empowerment of those incarcerated under the mullah-led thugocracy in Iran; and declared fervent support for the First Amendment right to free and unfettered speech. Many signs attested to the general fondness for the new Vice Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, who could not attend. Not a few signs sported the Drill Now!  slogan attesting to public support for energy independence from mid-East oil piracy.

The rally, organized by a coalition of committed activists and over 60 organizations for human rights and justice under the Action Alliance and its able head, Beth Gilinsky, accomplished the near-impossible—managing to get cumbersome City permits, lighting allowances, barricades, street protection and NY City’s Finest, as well as the impressive roster of speakers and the thousands of motivated attendees from all over the Tri-State area, Washington and Canada.

The passion was there, well-expended: That a small claque of renegade ”church groups” should so abandon reason as to invite this “beast from the East” to sup and dine in high style when he stumps for exterminating both tiny democracy, Israel, as well as the US, is hard to believe.

 The suggestion was floated to boycott the Hyatt for major activities in the future, as the owner, Pritzker, is a Jew, is a finance campaign captain for Democrat presidential candidate Barrack Hussein Obama, and deliberately hosted this misbegotten dinner with deluded minority church miscreants for a tyrannical Middle East thug who openly threatens the world, and who has been censured by the UN and chided by the nuclear regulatory agencies for failing to abide by international sanctions for his delinquent nuclear development.

                    marion d s dreyfus   


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