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I just viewed a riveting (and important) video interview with Frank Gaffney on NewsMax. The link is HERE for the streaming video, and I urge you to watch it carefully. It is quite possibly one of the most clearly-stated descriptions of the peril our nation faces in the coming months I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been talking and writing about this issue for some time, and as a result lost a few friends, and gained a few others. It’s all good. Alarmists like me are seldom universally popular. Either I’m too prophetic, (or pathetic, depending on your point of view and/or level of denial), or I’m tolerated as a necessary guard-dog, whose barking in the night annoys the slumbering. Whatever. We all have our roles. Part of mine is barking.

Frank describes the danger we are all facing with the Iranian nuclear threat as accurately as you will ever hear it. Make no mistake, we are in mortal peril if an Iranian nuke becomes a reality. Pay careful attention to his conjecture about Iran’s deployment of an EMP detonation, and the likely effects. All other considerations… economy, healthcare, Iraq, social security, and all other issues right or left, will become irrelevant if these fanatics allowed to gain and use this most horrible of weapons.

You received this because you are either,

  • Someone who knows how to pray and does
  • Someone of influence as a leader or in the media and will pass this on…
  • A sincere person of faith (Jewish or Christian) of influence with your community
  • A secular friend or acquaintance who cares deeply for our nation and/or Israel
  • An open-minded liberal/leftist/progressive/Marxist-Leninist who would like to live a bit longer than Ahmadinjehad wants you to live. (Hey, it’s easier to continue to rail against the U.S. if you’re still alive, right?)
  • Angry and dismissive liberal-leftists (see above) and anti-Semitic fools (you know who you are) whom I enjoy tormenting
You may ask… can the scenario described by Frank Gaffney be averted? I’m guardedly optimistic, but only if two thing happen. First, the upcoming presidential election will have a tremendous potential effect, depending upon whether we have an appeaser and extremely leftist ideologue in the White House, or a proven, patriotic, and highly experienced leader who has put it all on the line for our great nation. The second condition is the unfolding of God’s ultimate plan for not only our nation, but the world at large. This is an issue of trust, and after we’ve done our due diligence, we must rest our hearts in a greater Providence. (Apologies to my nonbelieving friends)
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