Radical Islam’s Greatest Deception
October 7, 2008 | From theTrumpet.com

Political participation by radical Islamic groups has led the West to believe they can be moderated—but it is only a guise to bring about the same goal the radical terrorists have: the complete overthrow of the West. By Victor Vejil and David Vejil


“All warfare is based on deception,” Sun Tzu said.

Radical Islamists who are bent on establishing a global caliphate employ a deceptive type of war against Western civilization. It doesn’t use bombs or bullets—yet its tactics are just as effective in weakening the West in its war against terror. This type of war is called “lawfare.”

Lawfare is the legal counterpart to terrorism. Rather than instilling fear into Western democracies and influencing their actions with random acts of violence, radicals who use lawfare aim to instill change in the democracies by misusing its own system against it.

The radical Islamists have always had two powerful weapons at their disposal: violence and politics. Both weapons are only as effective as their targets allow them to be; both have their advantages and disadvantages, but by using violence and lawfare together, radical Islamists have found a winning combination.

The deceptive goal of the lawfare is the same as that of the violence. Despite claims to the contrary, the ultimate goal of Islamist lawfare is the implementation of Islamic law and customs in Western societies—in short, the creation of a worldwide caliphate. However, because practitioners of lawfare don’t use violence, it can be harder to discredit their organizations for what they are in the same way you can discredit people who shoot and blow up women and children.

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