Spencer: How To Make Halal-Meat Out Of An Islamic Agit-Prop

The American Muslim, terrorism, and Islamic supremacism

At the reliably truthfree publication known as The American Muslim today, Sheila Musaji has published an article, “What exactly is required to be considered a ‘moderate’ Muslim?” In it, she takes me to task for this statement: “And I wonder why Sheila Musaji has never written an article about the physical and emotional distress that peaceful Muslims suffer when their coreligionists commit violence in the name of their religion, and why she has never called upon those Muslims to stop committing acts of violence and supremacism in Islam’s name.”


Musaji responds by offering a blizzard of links purporting to demonstrate that she and many other Muslims have done just that, and that I am willfully ignoring them in order to demonize Muslims. And not only that, but there’s the inevitable tu quoque: “I don’t see any articles by Robert Spencer condemning violence and terrorism carried out by Christians.”

 continue reading at  http://sheikyermami.com/2008/10/07/spencer-how-to-make-halal-meat-out-of-an-islamic-agit-prop/

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