New Tunisian film calls attention to inheritance law


Women only receive half as much under Shariah Islamic Law. Oppression of Women under Shariah is intense, and follows in death as well.

A controversial new Tunisian movie calls attention to how Islamic law determines the distribution of inheritances between male and female heirs. On the eve of the film’s release, the director is facing criticism for raising the question of a daughter’s rights.

By Jamel Arfaoui for Magharebia in Tunis – 08/10/08

A new movie from Tunisian filmmaker Kalthoum Bornaz is stirring debate for raising the controversial issue of inheritance law and how it may highlight inequality between men and women.

The director has been accused of differing with sharia. Bornaz countered that she did not create Shtar Mahaba (half the love) to create sedition or cast doubts on the Qur’anic verse that explains inheritance and its distribution among male and female heirs.

“I am not into politics or Islamic jurisprudence,” said Bornaz. “I am a filmmaker and an artist. I only want to discuss the issue of inheritance from a humane and social perspective.”

Before she started filming, Bornaz said, she talked to several attorneys and Muslim scholars, even those who are known for extremism.

“The issue is controversial in Tunisia and no one ……..

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