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This reader’s comment is in response to an earlier post I did about an American Congressman who refused to condemn Sharia Law.


First I would like to congratulate Congressman Mel Watt on his courage to speak the truth.  Look at what you have now and think how can you make it better.  You are a man that God created.  God has not only given you a body, land, water, food but He has created a Law to follow.  The Sharia is the Laws God wants us to follow. 

Think how this would help instead of hurt of course everyone is addicted to the way things are now and could not imagine a change even if it is for the better of the whole.  Look at the debt we are in now as US citizens. Look at the health care system, look at the increase in sex, diseases from children having multiple partners and men going out on their wives to have affairs with prostitues. 

The Sharia looks like a big bad pill to alot of people but even medicine comes in shots they hurt first but then you feel alot better.  Just think of where the US spends alot of money .. Gambling, alchol, sports, sex, violence, wars. 

Okay, now tomorrow no more lotto, Millions of dollars saved, to pay off debt, No more interest…millions of foreclosed homes saved, no more alchol…millions of lives saved ( including wife abuse, child abuse, drunk driving killings, suicides decreased).  Overall you have more benifit than what you fear.

Now before you go raging against the obvious contradictory statements made by this reader, think for a moment about his total and complete lack of knowledge of what Sharia Law actually is and what forms of law it consists of….

and then think of the contrary…the fact that he may be totally clear about what Sharia Law is, but lying (Taqiyya) to you and everyone else as his own form of political Jihad.  Many times we see both ignorance among Muslims, as well as complete and outright indoctrination and the willingness to lie for whatever agenda they have to put forward political Islam

So let’s recap:

It was the leader and founder of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) Omar M. Ahmad who said:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant” he said. “The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America , and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth,” 

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