October 10, 2008

Little ‘Misleading’ Mosque on the Prairie


Here in Canada, we’re accustomed to seeing sitcoms on our nation’s public airways with some underlying message that gets in the way of a good laugh.
But a new series called Little Mosque on the Prairie stands as a particularly salient example of flatly unfunny liberal propaganda. In fact, the main goal of the show isn’t even to make the viewer laugh, but rather, to help Canadians accept Islam as a swell religion.
A Muslim lawyer from the big city moves to the prairie to become an imam, an Islamic priest. Hilarity ensues as his congregation attends services in a mosque in the basement of a Christian church; alas it’s all they can afford, the poor dears. Never mind that Islam is a well-funded religion and the Canadian prairie city of Calgary is now home to North America’s largest mosque with a floor space of over 46,000 square feet, capable of housing over 1,500 worshippers at a time. The premise of this show is that little ol’ Islam can barely make ends meet.
In any case, where are the Jews? I have asked our nation’s public broadcaster this question but have not received an answer. Shouldn’t a show that aims to cast modern Muslims as cosmopolitan, open-minded, friendly folk, seek to show Muslims in contact with Jews? It’s arguably the single most important issue when it comes to casting Islam in a favorable light.

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