On 9/11 2001 we saw America experience a tragedy of death, terrorism, and econonic crisis. We had 19 Saudi Men, wealthy, educated, and determined to undermine the feelings of safety and security that many Americans took for granted. The shock waves of their actions have been felt, but many Americans, doing what they do to recover from tragedy, moved on, and started to live their lives again. However, many decided to distance themselves from the reality of the new enemy, and even with their determination not to let evil ruin and rule their lives, they became lax, and moved the horrific events to the back of their minds, so as not to have to deal with the pain of that day.


I purchased photos taken by journalists that were being sold close to Ground Zero three weeks after 9/11. The smell of the constant fires undergroud lingered and the photos of lost and presumed dead fireman, secretaries, clerks, and businessmen and women still lined the chain link fences, and the fronts of the fire stations. I wanted to buy something to remember that day. I took the photos home, and to this day, they are in my hallway near my bedroom so that every day I see them and reminded of how brutal our enemy is. Many people call the hallway “depressing” but I see it as reminder of the strengh of the human spirit to survive, and fight.  It is my way of saying “never again” and remembering the words of Santayana, “those who fail to remember the past are condemed to repeat them in the future”. I wanted to make sure, we never saw another plane of innocents fly into buildings filled with innocents, and these photos remind me daily of that mantra.


While I have been fighting terrorism for over seven years,I decided to do it to make sure that my children, and other people’s children never have to witness such actions of terror again. I have seen the enemy morph into many other forms. Groups like CAIR and MPAC have made themselves “mainstream” while carvorting with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Holyland Foundation.  I am concerned that many of the people who were touched, and moved to action by the events of 9/11 do not see how our enemy has moved from flying planes into buildings into other ways to take us as their enemy.


We have seen the buying of the stock exchanges, the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq, and landmarks like the Chrysler Building and the General Motors Building by Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Many people say, “no big deal, money was there and the seller took it”. However, it is a big deal when landmarks of the strength of America fall into the hands of the enemy who wants us to live under Shariah Laws, and the potential of turning the USA into an Islamic country. Seeing the Chrysler Building, which was lit red , white and blue for the memory of the dead murdered on 9/11, turning green to celebrate EID, a Muslim Holiday, made me feel ill. Not that all Muslims are terrorists, but seeing a building,shown in many movies, that celebrate the profile of our American skyline, celebrated by Gershwin, Hitchcock and filmakers of many fine films now owned and controlled by a government that adheres to Shariah law, is truly something that makes me feel we have lost control or ourselves and our values.


Watching the Dow fall daily, to lows similar to the great depression, also give me a feeling that this is the new terrorism. While Americans freak out about their 401K’s, there are celebrations in the Middle East at our financial downfall. This leads me to believe, that this current financial situation was part of a terror plot, not unlike 9/11. However, our enemy learned they don’t need to fly planes, or sneak bombs onto trains, they just have to destory our economy, just like what happened after 9/11. While we were “fiddlling” and in persuing the bigger house in the Hamptons, the larger diamond ring, the Times Warner Penthouse, we were being bought out by the Middle East, and then they took control of the oil prices to further exerbate the beginning of a financial meltdown. All while we were too busy trying to forget, trying to think we were smarter than they were. However, we are now seeing the Middle East coming into our market, and buying up companies and entrenching themselves here in the USA even if we decided to get energy indpendence.

Hopefully, our desire to divorce ourselves from Middle East fossil Fuel will not be forgotten as the prices of crude decrease, and we see lower prices at the gas pump. Our enemy knows about our short attention span, and making our economy fail, and lowering gas prices feeds into their leap into our lives, in a web where we become entangled to the point of death.


I would like to see an investigation into our enemies, and countries like China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Libya and see if they did any manipulation to create havoc in our markets, to bring the USA down to their knees. It is also interesting to note the timing of this event. A plane in a building would have katapulted McCain into the Presidency as he has the tougher stance on terrorism. But, a financial meltdown would hand the election to Barak Obama, the candidate that the Middle East is supporting and hoping wins, as he has a weak understanding of the terror, and with his murky background with radicals, would be a conduit to bringing more Middle East business and relationships to our homeland. This was a brilliant terror plot to control the elections and bring the weaker candidate into power. This is going to be a rough rocky ride for the next few weeks, and should Obama get into the Presidency, the look of the USA will never again be the same.


It is truly a stunning event, and one that we need to investigate. If this was a script, and taken to pitch at a producer, they would say, “Not believeable, not probable” however, life is stranger than fiction, and if we can have a  population that still thinks Bush controlled the planes into the World Trade Center, then we can have people like me who think that our enemy is the one behind the fall of the market as their newest form of terrorism, one which crosses borders, goes into Europe, Asia,and Latin America, and will bring democracy down to our knees. We need to fight back, fight like we have never fought before, and we need to carefully look at our options for the elections, and put things like “troopergate” and “Lincoln Savings Scandal” behind us, as we cannot be distracted from the work we have to do to take our country back, and to stand behind the values of our founding fathers.


This is the endgame, and one we need to win.


Allyson Rowen Taylor


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