London Journal – Friday, October 10, 2008

I have been to the Tower of Babel and am in ideological shock.


Today we two attended an International Conference on Political Islam, Sharia Law and Civil Society. This was sponsored by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britian. The speakers and panelists pointed out, among other things, the wrong of the Muslim practice of killing apostates and the alarming advances Muslims have made in introducing some aspects of Sharia law in the UK. These concerns were described from the viewpoint of a deep commitment to basic human rights.

The organizers and speakers of the day were, upon their own admission, humanists, secularists and atheists. That explains my allusion above to the Tower of Babel. These well-meaning reformers and protectors of individual rights are going about their work with no reference to God. Wait! Let me correct that. They are going about their work, and attempting to reach the sky, with a total disdain for God and religion in all forms. Religion, including Christianity, is the enemy of all we hope to accomplish, the speakers said.

So I am ideological shock. Never before have I been in a public meeting where Christians are regarded as the enemy, unthinking, gullible, the perpertators of lies, and teh chief hindrance to the forward progress of humanity.

Richard Dawkins, well-known strident ……

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