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Contemporary Threats and the Fifth Column
‘The doctor has a big say and great weight in influencing his patients and in righteously
guiding their orientation. Besides, he should be actively involved in propagating true Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims.”
Mahmoud Abu Saud in The Role of a Muslim Doctor in Shahid Athar’s Islamic Medicine
As the planes were crashing into the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11, radical physicians were seen crowded in front of television screens cheering in delight. What’s wrong with this image – beyond the obvious that physicians should NEVER cheer human carnage? It is the reality that the Hippocratic Oath and the moral commitment we as physicians pledge – with our lives if needed – to preserve the sanctity of life has been subordinated. It is also the reality that living and working among us in the West is a group of people who support our destruction. Yet these are people we thought were our friends, colleagues we depended upon and shared our patients with – our patients depend upon them! It gives one pause to consider just who do some of our potentially radicalized colleagues ultimately work for, what do they believe in and how far will they go in support of those beliefs? Calls by extremist web sites for physicians to battle inside the United States continue to be spread via Internet chat room discussions.
Physicians and Scientists as Terrorists: We Ask Why?
“Decisions are complex, and there are always competing factors. To look for simple explanations is the bias of the human brain, but it doesn’t correspond to reality. Nothing is ever as straightforward as it appears.”
Richard Stengel

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