Video: Wafa Sultan and Yaron Brook speak on Islamic Totalitarianism at UC Irvine

Posted: 15 Oct 2008 02:46 PM CDT

Kudos to


She spoke at UC IRvine yesterday alongside Yaron Brook at a discussion panel on Totalitarian Islam and threat to Western Civilizatrion.  I decided to show up considering I covered the same group (plus Daniel Pipes) last year at UCLA See my previous post here and more video from the event at UCLA here.

Funny, this time around, the usual protesting Islamists must not have heard about the event, because there were none. That’s quite unusual for UC Irvine, considering the history of Islamist support from student groups and faculty. But anyways, it was a pleasure to attend an un-interrupted event.

I must say, after hearing Wafa speak in person for the second time now, I now see the fear that she possesses in her daily life.  While I’m used to her blasting Islamists on Al Jazeera, this time she spoke with a much more vulnerable tone in her voice.

There was a striking moment when she explained how she lives under a constant threat of death and that people email her on a daily basis threatening her and her family.  When she spoke about the threat, like they know where she lives and where her kids go to school and how one day she and her family would suffer the consequences, her voice trembled as she spoke.  She was genuinely afraid.  She then said how this was her purpose, her mission, her responsibility.

I cannot describe the chills that went down my back when I heard her speak these things.  She is one helluva brave woman and one that I’ll admire the rest of my life.

Yaron Brook also spoke and, this being the second time I’ve seen him, he was more fired up this time than last I saw him.  There was a moment, (Which I caught on video) where the crowd really aplauded and that was when he adammantly and convincingly warned the Western civilization must stand up for it’s values, reject multiculturalism, and take pride in reason, justice, science, freedom, liberty and stand up for what this country really means.

I was able to take some video (sorry, no tripod and not great audio), but they are really short clips.

Here’s the video (1:03)

And if you ask me what the one thing we need to do in order to defeat them, it is to stand up for what we believe in, stand up for our values, stand up for reason, stand up for science, stand up for capitalism, stand up for freedom politically, stand up for what this country really means and what makes this the greatest country in the world and in human history.

We need to dump multiculturalism, and let the world know and the muslim world first and foremost know, that western civilization as it is represented in this country, and the founding principles of this country is superior to any other civilization that has ever existed on the face of the earth, and until we do that [applause] until we do that, we cannot win, that is the one strategic thing we have to do.


And Here’s Wafa Sultan talking about how Islam is not only a religion, but a political ideology that controls every aspect of life. (1:11)


Islam, I want you to know that Islam is not only a religion, it is also a political ideology that controls every aspect of life.  When Osama Bin Laden or Al Zawahiri or any other terrorist, does a criminal act, they don’t hesitate from quoting koranic verses to support and justify their actions.  You, as citizens of the free world, and in particular the United States as a great country, acutally the greatest country on earth, I believe you must have the moral aptitude to fight for your liberal values and democracy which can be lost as it is  happening right now in Europe.  thank you so much.

I know many of you in the past had asked me for Wafa’s email in order to send her your support, and I never was able to get it.  Well, I spoke with her after the event and she was nice enough to give me her email.

I told her that we would all send our support to her, so if you are a regular reader, email me [email protected] and I will send you her email so you can send her some support.  I AM NOT giving this out to just anyone.  Only bloggers I know and readers of this site whom I know.

I can tell she needs as much support as she can get.  Lets do what we can to show her.

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