Here’s a question for New York Senator Charles Schumer: Why can Arab allies of the U.S. be trusted to manufacture microprocessors here but not be trusted to manage the commercial activities of U.S. ports?

[Review & Outlook] AP

Two years ago the hyperactive Democrat led efforts to block a United Arab Emirates company — Dubai Ports World — from operating six U.S. ports. So imagine our surprise to find the Senator at a press conference last week outside of Albany, where he was taking credit for a deal between computer chip maker Advanced Micro Devices and an Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund to build a plant in upstate New York.

“Bringing AMD to New York is something we worked on long and hard, and I’m glad to see it bear fruit,” said Mr. Schumer, who was flanked by former AMD Chairman Hector Ruiz. “I’ve worked closely with Dr. Ruiz over the last few years to make sure AMD has everything they need to bring this plant to the capital region.” Standing nearby was Hillary Clinton, the junior Senator from New York who also opposed the Dubai deal.

In 2006, Mr. Schumer said that letting a state-run company from a friendly Arab nation manage port operations was “a homeland security accident waiting to happen.” Port security is the responsibility of the Coast Guard and U.S. Customs officials, not port management companies. And the Dubai deal had already been cleared by the Departments of Treasury, Defense and Homeland Security. But thanks to Mr. Schumer’s politically motivated alarmism, the deal fell through and Dubai Ports was forced to divest itself of U.S. holdings.


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