(We should also be concerned about this rise in the USA-especially with the reports of radicalism and hatred in the mosques and the teaching of Muslim Children in USA Madrassas with hate filled books from the Saudi’s)-comments by Allyson Rowen TaylorDr. Rachel Feinmesser


Extremism in Middle East is getting stronger, warns Israeli diplomat
by Noel Grima

Despite appearances to the contrary, the situation in the Middle East is still volatile and may be getting worse since extremism is gaining the upper hand, according to an Israeli diplomat passing through Malta in the past few days.

Dr Rachel Feinmesser told this paper that it is enough to look at what is happening in Lebanon, where Hizbollah is not just defying the UN resolution that ordered all militias to disband, but has actually gained in power in the country.

Along with Hizbollah, another client of Iran, Hamas, is still very near to taking power in the Palestinian territories.

Everything depends on the next presidential election. President Abu Mazen says he still has a year to go, but Hamas say his tenure ends next January. When Intifada was launched, the Palestinian economy was at its highest level. After the bad years of Intifada, it has grown again in the West Bank. The next election will show whether the Palestinians are satisfied that matters are improving or whether they will again be tempted to give power back to Hamas.

Israel, soon to have a new prime minister, is watching what is going on. It does not want to repeat the terrible experience of recent years, when it reached an agreement with the Palestinians on withdrawal from Palestinian territories and about a future Palestinian state and then had to watch while the extremists took over not just the West Bank but also the Gaza Strip. This time around, Israel will be careful not to make the same mistake.


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