Ali Ghufron is escorted by police after receiving the death penalty for his role in the Bali attack

Islamic militants in Indonesia are competing for the right to build a shrine to the Bali bombers, amid indications that their long-anticipated execution by firing squad is imminent.

Five separate people have offered to create a joint grave for Ali Amrozi bin Haji Nurhasyim, Ali Ghufron and Imam Samudra, the three men who were sentenced to death for the October 2002 Bali attacks.

According to a lawyer for the three men, their families will decide which of the offers to accept when the date of the executions has been set — which could be as early as Friday this week.

One of those bidding for the Bali bombers’ remains is Cecep Hermawan, leader of a group of Islamic fundamentalists, who has offered a hectare of land in the city of Cianjur in West Java. He told the Sydney Morning Herald that he regards the Bali bombers as martyrs and wants to enable pilgrims to pay their respects at their graves.


“The families said they are OK with that,” the newspaper quoted him as saying. “Their only complaint is about the distance, especially for the families of Amrozi and Mukhlas [a nickname of Ali Ghufron] because they live in East Java. The family of Imam Samudra has no problem as it is not far from their home town.” Mr Cecep, who regularly visits the three bombers, described them as men “who fought for the existence of Islamic sharia, [and who] paid with their life”.

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