Dear Readers:

Over the past few days, many people have inquired about what they can do to help fight the infiltration of Shariah into America. We need as many foot soldiers as possible in this struggle as we intensify our focus outside of the Washington beltway and across this great country that we all love so much.

Here are some things that everyone can do today:

1. Please write your Congress members and Senators telling them to oppose ANY infiltration of Shariah into our country, financial system, culture or legal system.

2. Please write your state-level representatives, assembly members and senators and tell them the same. Also write your governor and state treasurer. This is as much of a state-level initiative as it is a federal initiative as many of the laws and regulations that can combat Shariah are on the state level.

3. Please write letters to the editor of your local newspapers warning of the threat of Shariah. IMPORTANT: Do not focus on Islam. Focus on Shariah, which is the Jihadists’ threat doctrine.

4. Please tell your friends and family about this issue. Please Forward our messages published on this blog to them.

5. If you have investments, talk to your financial advisor and make certain that you have no money with financial institutions that also have Shariah-Compliant products. They are blindly allowing a Trojan Horse into America. Shariah-Compliant Finance is the very instrument that the Islamists used to gain a foothold in Britain and now Shariah is expanding to their legal system.

6. The Center for Security Policy needs your help and that includes financial support. We are a non-profit organization dependent upon donations to continue to perform our mission. We accept donations large and small. PLEASE donate and ask your friends to donate. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

7. Read up on the issue. Here are some places to start:

Thank you for your interest.

I would be honored to discuss these matters with anyone via telephone. I can be reached on my direct line at (202)302-1974. Or, if you prefer, you may email me at [email protected].

Best Regards,

Christopher Holton
Vice President
Center for Security Policy
Executive Director–Divest Terror Initiative & Shariah Risk Due Diligence Project


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