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SANE and many others have written about this on so many occasions it is hard to believe it even qualifies as news but the Bush administration just doesn’t get it. The Saudis hosting a conference on religious tolerance. The Saudis–the most Shariah compliant country in the world! Even this news reporter gets it! But not Bush and Rice. Goodness.

Note the focus in this article on the real move to introduce the issue of criminal laws against insulting “Shariah-Islam” a la the UN Human Rights Council. If it weren’t so Orwellian it would be Saturday Night Live material. But this demonstrates we are making headway. Normally, this would have just been a cheerleading piece. Fox has not been any better on these issues than any of the others. But Jennifer Lawinski nails it. Good for her!

We’re willing to go out on a limb here and say that it would be hard to believe that even Obama would go as far and be as stupid as the Bush administration on this issue. But hey, we’ve been wrong before when it comes to underestimating the stupidity of government officials. And, the fact that Shimon Peres is going to attend is no surprise given his commitment to the destruction of Israel’s national existence simply.

Critics Say U.N. ‘Culture of Peace’ Meeting Hides Culture of Oppression (redacted for space and copyright issues)


Thursday , November 06, 2008



Jennifer Lawinski



Critics are blasting the United Nations for hosting a meeting to talk about religious and cultural tolerance sponsored by Saudi Arabia, a country in which the U.S. government has said religious freedom is non-existent.



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