“They belch, vomit, copulate, litter, and barge their way through public spaces, dressed like hookers and louts, defying the police without shame or modesty. British expatriates are some of the worst: overpaid, oversexed, and all over the place.”

This is how Minette Marrin, writing in the Times, describes the British abroad, and with some justification. Marrin is responding to the case of well-heeled expatriates Michelle Palmer, 36, and Vince Acors, 34, who had drunken sex on a beach in Dubai and insulted a policeman who tried to caution them. The “couple” — or rather “copulating pair,” for they had only just met — were sentenced to three months in prison for offending public decency and fined about £200 ($320). As a preventative measure, Dubai’s popular Madinat Jumeirah hotel recently issued an “etiquette guide,” warning guests to “employ discretion” in public displays of affection (“anything more than a peck on the cheek”). The guide also warns that “drunken behavior, especially outside licensed premises in the hotel, is severely punished.”



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