Why the real threat of the Sirius Star hijacking is not rising oil prices – but Islamic terrorism

By Michael Burleigh
Last updated at 12:41 AM on 19th November 2008

The price of oil rose by a dollar yesterday as a direct result of the Sirius Star capture.

But the danger of these modern-day brigands goes far beyond a jump in oil prices.

The pirates are closely linked to Islamic terrorists – and this is where the real risk to the West lies.

Pirates have already seized tankers laden with benzene and could easily take a ship loaded with liquid gas.

Sirius Star

Floating bomb: Pirates, such as the ones who hijacked the Sirius Star (above) are closely linked to Islamic terrorists

Security experts in south Asia fear that such a ship could be used as a giant floating bomb in the Malacca Straits, reducing a city such as Singapore to rubble or blocking a major shipping route carrying much of the world’s trade.

How long before Al-Shabaab terrorists – the name means ‘The Lads’ – in Somalia countenance such an atrocity?

Everyone would feel the indirect impact as world trade ground to a halt while the price of oil went through the roof.


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One Response to The real threat of the Sirius Star hijacking is not rising oil prices –

  1. miira says:

    Hijacked? . . .this was a gift from SA under the guise of pirate shenanigans. Zakat is far too circuitous and time consuming for propitious jihad.

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