Honor Killing: deeds speak louder than words

 By Klaus Rohrich  Wednesday, November 19, 2008
The term “Honor Killing’ has now joined the list of unacceptable phraseology in our vastly growing lexicon of misspeak.  Islamic organizations throughout Western nations are objecting to the use of that word, claiming it is racist and Islamophobic.  The outcry by American Muslims has been so strong that even the FBI has knuckled under the politically correct speech code and changed its terminology on a wanted poster seeking the arrest of one Yasser Abdel Said who is alleged to have murdered his daughter. Many women’s groups have come out in support of condemning the term as they claim it detracts from the real issue, which to them is domestic violence perpetrated by “the patriarchy”.

Anything that the Left in our culture frowns upon always tends to wind up being racist, sexist or (fill in the blank)-phobic.  The argument that the media’s reporting on domestic violence among whites rarely if ever mentions Christianity or Judaism is true enough.  But then the killings of wives, daughters or sisters among Christians and Jews are usually not because of reasons that relate to their religion or their inherent culture.  These are usually crimes of avarice or passion.

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