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Update No. 1: There is an excellent article at Front Page Magazine by Joe Kaufman stitching together a story about the exodus of CAIR National and regional leaders from CAIR. We believe this fits a precise pattern. When the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas stealth jihad organizations are under attack by law enforcement or suffer a conviction, the main players who don’t go to jail or get deported simply migrate to other organizations or create new ones sounding even more leftist or permeated with “civil rights“, “human rights”, and “religious tolerance” interests. The purpose of these successor organizations, however, is no less jihad, simply more stealth.

An example of this “movement” of movement leaders when under siege can be found in this blog entry which references the lawsuit filed by attorney Gallinger of Irvine, CA on behalf of his client, the KinderUSA charity against Hamas terror expert Matthew Levitt. (Attorney Gallinger is in the mold of Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR National’s PR talking head–a US born convert to Islam who is more radical and more stealth precisely because he knows the PC game and the vernacular.)

In the KinderUSA v Levitt suit, Gallinger alleged that Levitt defamed his clients when he wrote in a book that the organization “grew out of the HLF ashes”. What Levitt meant of course was that once MB-Hamas organizations are effectively shut down by law enforcement, the leadership that doesn’t end up in jail simply migrates to other existing MB organizations or creates new ones. Such was the case when HLF was shut down and the organization KinderUSA appeared on the scene. In the KinderUSA lawsuit, once Levitt explained this in detail in this affidavit (warning: huge pdf file), the plaintiffs dismissed their complaint and were thankful they were not hit with defendants’ legal fees and costs.

Thus, in the Clients v CAIR case, we see that Khalid Iqbal, the mastermind behind CAIR VA (while he was still a director of CAIR National and its real estate holding company, Zahara Investment Corp), has now moved onto the Adams Center following the CAIR-Days Fraud Scheme and the shuttering of CAIR VA. The Adams Center is effectively another front group.

Kaufman’s article carefully tracks the exodus of CAIR National and regional leaders. This is not, however, the abandonment of CAIR and its MB-Hamas affiliation. Rather, these individuals have realized that the “unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF terror financing case” label is too big an albatross around the neck to shake off and they are “migrating” to other organizations. The story line will be a “break from the old guard” so that when the media asks them in the future about their ties to the defunct criminal organization CAIR, they will say, “once I learned of these issues, I immediately resigned and distanced myself. I believe in ‘civil and human rights’ and advocate religious tolerance” all the while these same “Muslim spokesmen” adhere to Shariah, which is neither tolerant nor civil. 

This process has begun. As Kaufman points out, the former CAIR National chairman of the board, Parvez Ahmed, has left his position. So has Arsalan Iftikhar, CAIR’s former national legal director (who served in that position prior to defendant Nadhira Al-Khalili’s taking over). We also now know that Tahra Goraya, CAIR’s national director during the CAIR-Days Fraud Scheme, also quit and moved back to California from whence she hailed as a result of the uncovering of this fraud by Dave Gaubatz. Such will be the case with others. But this exodus is not the end of the MB-Hamas conspiracy in the US; it is only the continuation under new names and stealthier fronts. It is a jihad-laden shell game.

 . . . and with the HLF conviction and this criminal fraud suit against CAIR, watch the stealth jihad peanuts carefully as they disappear under a whole new set of “civil rights” organizations.

NB: we named the individuals of course precisely to slow this process down.


David Yerushalmi


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