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(Originally posted 11-28-08 at 10:32AM)

Update No. 1: Thanks to Roger Simon of Pajamas Media for posting an update link to this article.

From the India Daily:

Terrorist Ajmal Amir Kamal, a resident of Faridkot, Multan in Pakistan, a Pakistani elite commando, caught in Taj, got his orders from shadow ISI and Osama Bin laden


Kiran Mathur


Nov. 27, 2008


The man is in custody. He is an educated youth, a college student, educated in Pakistan’s Islamic school where Osama Bin Laden is respected as God’s Prime Agent. He got his direct orders from shadow ISI, Pakistan’s clandestine intelligence militia founded by Saudi oil money and American billions of dollars paid to Pakistan to fight terror.


He was caught by the Indian NSG in Taj. He was brain washed by the Islamic ideology that drives hundreds of thousands of young Muslims to the dark alleys of Waziristan where American money for Pakistan’s war against terror and Saudi oil money get funneled into Al-Queda terror training ground. They want to take Afghanistan over. They want to take control Pakistani nukes. They want to slave India into submission. Terrorist Ajmal says that will happen one day, it is just a question of time.


Indian security forces have him. Some say he is just a SIMI fellow from Indian college and lying about his identity. The real culprits are gone leaving him there to make up a story.


He was brought to Indian shores by a large mother cargo ship. He boarded with forty others to rubber rafts silently to India Gate. The bribed Mumbai police was ready to give them the necessary cars, infrastructure to start spreading out all over Mumbai with most sophisticated ammunition and ammo dumps all over the city planned beforehand.


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