We’re not really sure what to make of the incident mentioned in the article linked below. A lot would depend on whether this incident has truly seen its end.

We absolutely do not condone discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity or any other factor or trait.

On the other hand, ask yourself, if you were on an airliner and a group of people dressed like Muslims got on board and started making comments about where the safest place to sit might be in the event of an incident of some sort, how would you feel?

In the post 9-11 world, most people would feel uncomfortable. And some would report the incident to the air crew.

The problem for an airline, like Airtran in this case, taking action could open them up to lawfare. That is exactly what happened a few years ago in the famous “Flying Imams” case. (Here is a good summary of that 2006 incident: http://michellemalkin.com/2006/11/21/flying-imams-leaping-cair/)

Note that in the Flying Imams case, the passengers who reported suspicious behavior–as everyone has been asked to do–were targeted by the lawyers for the imams.

In the latest case, which occurred on New Year’s Day, a Muslim attorney from Alexandria, Virginia was involved, as was his family. The fact that an attorney was involved does indeed make one pause, but we shall have to reserve judgement. For now, the attorney seems satisfied with Airtran’s apology. If a lawsuit ensues and, especially if other passengers are named in suits, then we will certainly revisit this incident…

Airtran apologizes for ejecting Muslims



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