One cannot fully understand the implications of Shariah-Compliant Finance without first gaining an understanding of Shariah itself.

One of the most vital aspects of Shariah for those of us in the West to understand is its close association with Jihad. In fact, it probably should not be referred to as an “association.” Shariah and Jihad are as closely related as shoes and socks. And, of course, one of the chief ways in which Jihad manifests itself is through terrorism.

The world’s most infamous Jihadist terrorist organization of the past decade is almost certainly Al Qaeda, and one of the best books extant on Al Qaeda is The Al Qaeda Reader by Raymond Ibrahim.


The Al Qaeda Reader is a collection of writings by Al Qaeda leaders (Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and others) which reveals their thought process. In reading this book, one gets hit with the stark reality that Shariah is in fact vital to Al Qaeda, a cornerstone of its very existence.

Yesterday, Mr. Ibrahim published an article entitled Analysis of al-Qaida’s Worldview. Like the book, this article reveals much about Al Qaeda and also about Shariah. After reading a few passages with what our enemies have to say about Shariah, it is truly unbelievable that anyone would want to promote any aspect of Shariah in America, let alone the rest of the West. 

We should pay attention to what our enemies say so as to gain a better understanding of how to defeat them. Here is some of what Al Qaeda has to say about Shariah, via Raymond Ibrahim…

From Osama Bin Laden:

Regarding which shared understandings, exactly, is it possible that we agree with the immoral West?… What commonalities, if our foundations contradict, rendering useless the shared extremities–if they even exist? For practically everything valued by the immoral West is condemned under sharia law. As for this atmosphere of shared understandings, what evidence is there for Muslims to strive for this? What did the Prophet, the Companions after him, and the righteous forebears do? Did they wage jihad against the infidels, attacking them all over the earth, in order to place them under the suzerainty of Islam in great humility and submission? Or did they send messages to discover “shared understandings” between themselves and the infidels in order that they may reach an understanding whereby universal peace, security, and natural relations would spread–in such a satanic manner as this? The sharia provides a true and just path, securing Muslims, and providing peace to the world.

…Offensive Jihadis (are) an established and basic tenet of this religion. It is a religious duty rejected only by the most deluded. So how can they call off this religious obligation [Offensive Jihad], while imploring the West to understandings and talks “under the umbrella of justice, morality, and rights”? The essence of all this comes from right inside the halls of the United Nations, instead of the Divine foundations that are built upon hating the infidels, repudiating them with tongue and teeth till they embrace Islam or pay the jizya [tribute] with willing submission and humility…. Muslims, and especially the learned among them, should spread sharia law to the world–that and nothing else. Not laws under the “umbrella of justice, morality, and rights” as understood by the masses. No, the sharia of Islam is the foundation.

They say that our sharia does not impose our particular beliefs upon others; this is a false assertion. For it is, in fact, part of our religion to impose our particular beliefs upon others.

Thus whoever refuses the principle of terror[ism] against the enemy also refuses the commandment of Allah the Exalted, the Most High, and His sharia.

To read more, visit Ibrahim’s article at this link:


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