When Wall Street claims that they have done proper due diligence on investing in foreign companies that do business with Iran and entering into Shariah-Compliant financial arrangements, why should we believe them?

Lloyd’s has now admitted to laundering $350 million for Iran. And, once again, the world’s number 1 Shariah-Compliant financial institution, Iran’s Bank Melli, is involved.

Note yet again the nexus between Western financial institutions, terrorist-sponsoring governments and Islamic charities to get money to Jihadist terrorists, including groups fighting American GIs in Afghanistan (despite the supposed Shia-Sunni divide).

It sure would be nice to know the names of the other 9 banks. I smell a smokescreen because someone is afraid that the bad publicity would hurt some already shaky institutions. Is our so-smart and Shariah-embracing Treasury Department bailing out some of these guys at the same time Justice is slapping them with small fines?

A $350 million fine for laundering $350 million to Jihadist terrorists is incredibly light. Until some of these Wall Street types start to do the perp walk and get put in for truly hard time for sending money to those who are killing us, this will never stop. They’ll just build the fines into the original business plan…or the bailout money.

Here’s the feature article on this from Yahoo News:


And here is the Manhattan District Attorney’s office report on our banks aiding Iran and terrorism…


Here is a link to the Department of Justice announcement on the fine for Lloyd’s…



Finally, here is an article from the Miami Herald on Lloyd’s fine…



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