On Tuesday, February 17, a celebration of “Islamic finance” will be held in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C.

Frankly, the thought of the enemy threat doctrine being promoted inside the walls of the building bearing the name of the greatest American president of our generation is certainly disheartening.

The featured speaker is Sheikh DeLorenzo. Readers of the ShariahFinanceWatch Blog may recall that his name came up in another report we published on January 6th:


We believe that it is necessary to point out yet again Sheikh DeLorenzo’s background since his biography on the web site of the February 17 event leaves out some salient points.

While it is true that DeLorenzo did his undergraduate work at Cornell, it should be pointed out that he dropped out of Cornell without ever having received a degree, converted to Islam and scooted off to Pakistan, where he hooked up with the Deobandi crowd that gave birth to the Taliban and some other militant groups. He also worked as an advisor to General Zia, the former dictator of Pakistan who oversaw its Islamization and subsequent, inevitable decline…

Isn’t it disgusting that a guy like DeLorenzo can be celebrated as some great scholar and spread Shariah doctrine inside the halls of US government buildings?



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