Though this blog is dedicated to Shariah-Compliant Finance, no discussion of Shariah-Compliant Finance can be complete without constant reminders of the brutal, primitive doctrine which underlies Shariah-Compliant Finance.

Shariah is an all-encompassing code of life that covers and applies to all aspects of Islamic individuals, culture, society, finance and law. The nations that apply Shariah exclusively–notably Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia–all have the most dismal human rights records in the world. It is important to understand that these nations have these human rights records because they rule by Shariah.

Among the tenets of Shariah are that apostates from Islam are punished with death. This is not an abstract concept. In fact, that is exactly what happened recently in Somalia as Jihadist militias applied Shariah to a man who was cooperating with infidels and thus was considered an apostate:

The Taliban are another group that enforces strict Shariah. They used to do so throughout Afghanistan until a few US and British soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines ran them out of most of the country a few years ago. Now, the Taliban have taken Shariah to the friendlier confines of Northwest Pakistan, where Shariah’s human rights policies once again have become apparent…

So the next time you see an article promoting Shariah-Compliant Finance, remind yourself of just what Shariah means.


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