Yesterday the Dutch member of Parliament, Geert Wilders, was officially charged with a crime for the movie he made last year called Fitna.

This is of course playing right into the hands of our enemies and is an example of Creeping Shariah. The West is being forced to play by Shariah rules in the name of political correctness and “religious freedom.” Under shariah, no criticism of Islam such as was portrayed in Fitna is permitted. Now the producer of the film will be charged with “hate speech.” We are indeed through the looking glass…

There is a Shariah-Compliant Finance connection here as well. In April of 2008, I attended the Harvard Law School Islamic Finance Conference. One of the panelists there was a law professor from Washburn School of Law in Topeka, Kansas named L. Ali Khan. Professor Khan had spent 2007 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with the Organization of the Islamic Conference studying “combating the defamation of religions.”

It is of course the Saudi-dominated OIC that is seeking to impose Shariah on the United Nations by having criticism of Islam declared defamation and outlawed.

So, the same crowd that is pushing Shariah-Compliant Finance on the West is also moving to eliminate free speech rights.

There are a few good summations online of the Geert Wilders case, and some not so good. Note the contrast between the stories on WorldNetDaily and FamilySecurityMatters and the article on the BBC site:


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