While reading the morning news on the internet about an hour ago, we came across an article in The Denver Post¬†entitled Trying to Understand More About Islam’s Teachings, by Gail Schoettler, a former Lt. Governor of Colorado and U.S. ambassador.


Ms. Schoettler recalls the horrific case in which the Islamic Courts in Somalia executed a 13-year old rape victim under Shariah laws prohibiting sex out of wedlock. She decided to visit the Colorado Muslim Society to gain a better understanding of Islam. The Imam there explained that Islam does not allow such punishments and those who carried out the execution do not understand Islam.


I guess the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not understand Islam and Shariah either, since not long ago a Saudi Shariah judge sentenced a gang rape victim to a year in jail and 100 lashes for adultery. The Imam of the Colorado Muslim Society may want to shoot a sharply worded email to the Saudi embassy in Washington to explain how Islam and Shariah are supposed to work.


But we suspect that Ms. Schoettler had no idea what she was getting into when she went to the Colorado Muslim Society, and that’s not her fault. A quick perusal of their web site is revealing.

At the lower left side of the home page, the top two links are to Islam Online and CAIR.

CAIR, of course, needs no introduction to regular readers of SFW. The organization has had several employees and associates tried and convicted of ties to terrorist organizations and the organization itself was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the successful Holy Land Foundation trial.

Islam Online is less well known, but it was founded by the creepy Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the world’s foremost Shariah scholars, who is also a chief proponent of Shariah-Compliant Finance and sits on the boards of several international financial institutions.

Sheikh Qaradawi is still IslamOnline’s President and has a very prominent message on the web site:


But there is sooooo much more to know about Sheikh Qaradawi. First of all, he is banned from entering the US and the UK for his ties to terrorist organizations. In 2001, Sheikh Qaradawi was the chairman of the Shariah Advisory Board of Bank al-Taqwa, which was shut down by the United Nations and the US Treasury Department for funneling large amounts of money to several Jihadist terrorist organizations, including Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Egyptian forerunner of Al Qaeda. Much of the money came through a Shariah-Compliant real estate firm in New Jersey and the money was funneled to the terrorist groups as zakat payments to charities.

Qaradawi has written extensively in support of “martyrdom” operations (suicide bombings) against Israelis and Americans and Ms. Schoettler may be especially interested to learn of Sheikh Qaradawi’s views on women’s rights:

“Beating is not suitable for every wife; it is suitable for certain wives and for other wives it is not. There is a woman who cannot agree to being beaten, and sees this as humiliation, while some women enjoy the beating and for them, only beating to cause them sorrow is suitable…”

Readers can check out the Colorado Muslim Society web site here:



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