About a year ago, the Archbishop of Canterbury remarked that Shariah law could and should be applied to family law and other aspects of law for Muslims in the United Kingdom. He based this assertion at least partially on the fact that Shariah-Compliant Finance had already been widely accepted in Britain.

And thus, one of the chief aims of Shariah-Compliant Finance has virtually been achieved in Britain, namely promoting Shariah in non-Islamic countries.

Now the Archbishop of Canterbury, whose real name is Rowan Williams, is claiming that most British are coming around to his way of thinking on Shariah. For the sake of Western Civilization, I hope not.

Allowing Muslims in Britain to allow Shariah to rule on issues such as wills, divorces, and finance is truly opening Pandora’s box. It inevitably results in one of two outcomes:

1. A completely segregated Muslim society within Britain, increasingly governed by its own rules. British sovereignty is at stake in the British Isles…or…

2. Creeping Shariah infiltrating the rest of British society, culture and legal systems. It is inevitable that, sooner or later, Shariah law rulings on matters of succession, property rights, divorce and finance will come into conflict with British common law. At what point will the accommodation stop? No one knows, but we DO know that the promoters of Shariah will not stop until Shariah rules over all…


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