Jihad Watch provided us with a heads up about the state of Minnesota not just endorsing, but facilitating Shariah-Compliant mortgages.

Some readers may be wondering if there is any harm in a Muslim having a mortgage that is Shariah-Compliant. There are two answers:

1. We must always remember that the basic purpose of Shariah Finance is to promote Shariah. This type of activity amounts to conditioning us to play by the Jihadist rulebook. Little by little, we grow to accept different aspects of Shariah. Over a period of time, the impact erodes our cultural value system and our constitutional protections. This process is often referred to as “Creeping Shariah” or “Islamization.” In the United Kingdom, Shariah-Compliant Finance was the Trojan Horse that gained the Jihadists a foothold.

2. There is simply no way that a government entity should be involved in this activity. This seems to clearly be a case of promoting a religion, which our constitution expressly forbids.

Jihad Watch and the scholars at SANE both have commentary worth looking at:




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