As reported on the blog, Terror Trends Bulletin, the Jihadists have won in Somalia by forcing a deal similar to that which Pakistan signed with the Taliban not long ago. Add Somalia to the list of nations ruled by Shariah.

It is very important to make note of the fact that these “peace” treaties with Jihadists all come with one essential ingredient: Shariah. Here is the link:

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that the new leader of Chechnya has imposed a “strict brand of Islam” with characteristics which seem suspiciously identical to Shariah. Either the Post is choosing to omit the word “Shariah” from the article, or else their correspondent is completely ignorant about Islam and Shariah:

+ Seven women have been executed recently, some say by male relatives in honor killings for “loose morals.”
+ The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, encourages men to take more than one wife, even though polygamy is illegal in Russia
+ Women and girls are required to wear head scarves in schools, universities and government offices
+ Kadyrov is said to be setting up a dictatorship with an Islamic society in which Russian laws do not apply


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